Thursday, September 8, 2011


We would like to congratulate all the members of Kryptos Logic participating in the Defcon 19 CTF with the European Nop Sled Team. This is our second year competing side by side with our great friends across the globe from Portugal to Denmark to the United States, and Kryptos Logic was honored to be a part of the fun and hard fought competition.

In t-shirt swapping tradition, Hates Irony (VedaGodz and Co), we hope to see you back next year in full force. Next year drinks on us.

Routards as usual a fantastic showing that should not go unrecognized by any team and we hope that you do return next year. Your first blood breakthroughs did not go unnoticed.

Plaid Parliament of Pwning, your first time at the Defcon CTF, and great work.

To all other teams, good luck next year

A very special note to DDTEK for organizing the "Olympics" of Capture the Flags. We think there might be the slightest bit of stress involved with running a competition where the best CTF players in the world scrutinize every line of code and gameplay. Fantastic game, good curve ball with the IPV6, and everyone worked hard until the end on both the qualifiers/finals. Affirmation, that it was a job well done.

Check our blog soon for some solutions to the qualifiers/finals.


Team Kryptos Logic